What Man-Made Economic Annihilation Looks Like!

Rand vs Basket of Currencies 1980-2015Magnify

Rand vs Basket of CurrenciesWhen asked what the national bird of South Africa is, Ostrich is the first thought that jumps to mind. Most South Africans are unaware of the economic destruction this ruling party has brought upon our country and despite being led into utter financial extinction, the unfathomable head-in-the-sand mind-set of the majority of South Africans perpetually votes these self-serving cretins into power. Have they not read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell?

South Africa remains a beautiful country with breathless destinations, superlative weather and great sporting patronage. Expats are returning en-mass, or so it seems if we are to believe the media…

So how the hell can we all sit around and do nothing…well, in similar fashion to the Apartheid system, the propaganda machine of the ruling party is designed to keep the truth from being revealed. Only an educated few can see the slaughter at hand and time is upon us, from a global perspective, to open our eyes and see the juggernaut of economic annihilation heading our way…and do something about it!

The last thing we propagate is to depart these fantastic iconic shores but certainly we endorse and practice a policy of financial protection on a global scale…no matter your current financial status, take steps now to protect you and your family from the deliberate impoverishment enforced on all South Africans…click on the images to get started!

Rand vs Gold 1980-2015 Magnify

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